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In this feature Deborah promotes and profiles entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals who are benchmarks in their own fields. They excel at their craft and know how to market, sell and serve their communities. The Spotlight allows you to leverage almost all of our connections, that grow weekly, to maximize your online awareness, helping you connect with qualified people for you, and your organization.

The Spotlight Includes:

  • 15 Minute Feature Radio Segment on on! Deborah’s shows have been downloaded over 35k times and grows weekly! You’ll be able to use this Radio Segment on your Web Site, in iTunes, and it will remain on Deborah’s site, too!
  • A custom Blog article written for you by Deborah about your expertise, success and  passion the . You’ll be able to repurpose this on your web site, or blog and in your social media.
  • Posts, Tweets, and Updates during the week featuring your Spotlight through Deborah’s BlogTalkRadio, E-mail Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn social networks.
  • One-on-one 30 Minute Phone Consultation with you about your career, your business or social media strategy.
  • A customized PDF blueprint reviewing all the tools and ideas we suggested for leveraging your marketing results!

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Spotlight Examples..

Spotlight on  JT O’Donnell of , , Careerealism TV

Spotlight on Kim Smith of


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Spotlight on Charly Caldwell II of

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