“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.”  Lucille Ball

Deborah is a , Career Author,  branding and media strategist, nationally published writer, speaker and . Deborah has always been able to see the BIG Picture and all the  pieces that MUST be in place and working together for professionals and businesses to succeed.

She can help you define your personal and business brand and determine the branding activities that increase sales, make you and your marketing more effective and help you build  a strong, loyal community and following.

“I have always tried to stay true to my DNA. I am a motivator, educator and a catalyst. It is who I am and what I have always done”.

Deborah’s career paths have taken her through entertainment, education, media and business.

Over the years Deborah has transformed herself from a rockin’ singer/published songwriter, teacher and award-winning broadcast radio sales professional into an author, consultant, speaker, media host and published writer. Deborah has combined all of her skills and talents into a business that guides and motivates others through their career transition, business development and professional advancement.

She spent two decades as a broadcast radio sales and management  professional, in corporate America with Cox Radio, Clear Channel and Classical WTMI-FM in Miami. In August 2006, Deborah voluntarily left her corporate career in Miami to answer the question, “what’s next” and “what do you really want to do now”?  She launched DeborahShane.com February 2007, out of her passion for helping others. She delivers her solutions through engaging and interactive training events, dynamic motivational speaking, smart writing,  and insightful consulting.

Deborah’s book “is on and in all major book sellers and tells her story, shares her lessons and  her 5 Step process to help anyone move their career from where it is to where they want it to go!

Her articles are featured on , ,  and  . Deborah delivers smart, tactical ideas and solutions, which make her a go-to resource for media including CNN, Fox, CBS and HLN, Forbes.

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